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One-On-One Physical Therapy

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Welcome To Gunks Physical therapy - Physical Therapy In New Paltz, NY

Let me teach you how to take care of your body. Learn individualized approaches for back pain and other conditions, customized to you for your specific needs. Learn injury-prevention techniques, and how to prevent pain from returning. Get back to your active life. See how with a course of one-on-one Physical Therapy.

Who We Help At Gunks PT

At Gunks Physical Therapy, we understand that every single person’s pain is unique, which is why our first step is to get a deep understanding of what is happening to your body, and how it is affecting your life so we can create a plan that focuses on YOU and your goals.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Gunks Physical Therapy...

"Roland Alley is an exceptionally knowledgeable and professional physical therapist. I have been treated by Roland for years. Last year, my back went out and Roland was able to provide me with therapy and exercises to get me moving again. I highly recommend Gunks Physical Therapy!"
Tanya U.

We Offer A Hands-On Approach To Your Wellness Using Our Gunks Physical Therapy 3-Step Method.


Putting Out The Fire

We’ll take you through a complete one-on-one evaluation and identify the cause of your problem. Then we’ll explain what must be done to get you back to full speed and back to the activities you enjoy.


Address The Root Cause

We’ll develop a treatment plan that will be tailored specifically to you and your goals. This will ultimately allow us to get you stronger, pain-free, and on track to reach your goals more effectively and efficiently.


Thrive Instead Of Survive

Once we get you back to exercising pain free, we’ll implement strategies to get you performing at an even higher level. We’ll also implement strategies to “bulletproof” your body to decrease the likelihood of future injuries occurring.

Dr. Roland Alley

Get To Know Roland Alley...

Roland Alley received his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate Center. Roland found his calling for physical therapy after sustaining a wrist fracture that required surgery and extensive therapy. During this process he realized his interest in physical therapy and decided to go back to school to earn his degree.

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We Accept Medicare

We accept Medicare. Please contact us if you would like more information and to set up an appointment.


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